Bespoke Analysis

Institutional investors use our Bespoke Analysis to identify governance risk in the companies they own or are considering investing in.

Our analysts maintain a detailed assessment of the material governance issues in S&P ASX 300 companies.

We don’t tick boxes, sell ratings or make checklists. Instead we deliver a concise, up-to-date assessment of substantive governance issues in their commercial context.

Insight is delivered by:

  • Monthly updates to our Governance Concerns Index identifying the bottom quartile of governance performers in the S&P ASX 100 Index and the ex-ASX 100 Index
  • Concise tear sheets on the Governance Concerns Index including our assessment of Board Quality, Related Party Risks, Accounting Issues, Dilution Risk and Remuneration concerns
  • Timely notes on accounting quality or emerging governance matters at listed companies
  • Litigation Watch is our semi-annual watchlist of litigation issues that may have a material bearing on an S&P ASX 300 company’s earnings
  • OM provides clients a monthly report collating and assessing all director trading (buying and selling) for entities in the ASX 300 Index, paying attention to issues such as relative size of trading vs holdings.

Our Bespoke Analysis reports are a perfect background information for meeting with issuers on governance matters or as due diligence within your investment process.


Proxy Voting Research

Investors can use shareholder rights to their advantage at company meetings by relying on our Proxy Voting Research.

Each Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting of constituent S&P/ASX 300 companies is analysed from a shareholder perspective.

Recommendations are made according to generally acceptable standards of investor expectations on governance issues balanced with commercial imperatives. Click here to see our Voting Guidelines.

We have an ‘open door’ policy of engagement with issuers on voting matters. Our experienced, local analysts meet frequently with company directors.

Our analysis is generally available between 18 days (earliest) and 14 days (latest) from the meeting date to enable our clients to have a meaningful dialogue with issuers before the deadline for proxy submission.


We help investors in Australia stay ahead of the regulatory debate by briefing clients on reform proposals that might impact shareholder rights. Issues that are currently on our radar include pay for value, true and fair reporting, control by foreign strategic investors, board accountability, capital raisings, ownership rights and takeovers.

Subscribers to our services also underwrite an active public research programme that identifies governance issues or market practices that might negatively impact ownership rights.

Our research analysts have an enviable track record in identifying material governance matters ahead of the mainstream. Click here to read some of our reports.

We believe owners’ interests are served by research that supports an evidence-based approach to policy development and enforcement.

Our aim is to encourage fair, open and transparent markets which operate to the long-term benefit of savers.


Subscribers to our services underwrite an active public research programme that identifies governance issues or market practices that might negatively impact ownership rights.